Dr. Kurt Hübner, Free University of Berlin

Dr. Kurt Hübner received his PhD in Economics and Political Science from the Free University Berlin. He is a professor at the Political Science Department at the University of British Columbia and holds the Jean Monnet Chair for European Integration and Global Political Economy. Hübner’s expertise is in the area of European integration in the context of the global political economy. His main focus is on the Euro, and the role of the Euro in global currency relations as well as the economic mode of governance. A further area of expertise is the relation between international competitiveness, innovation and climate policies where he headed several projects in the past. Over the period 2016-2020, Dr. Hübner was part of a joint conference series with the Free University of Berlin on issues of climate policies and the greening of business practices, in particular the greening of financial industries. 

Kurt participated in Panel 1: Climate Change and Multilateralism.